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Java Tech Talks

Форум для одесских Java профессионалов - Java Tech Talks.
Компания Lohika Systems проводит открытый форум для общения и пополнения знаний в мире Java.

Целевая аудитория Java Tech Talks - опытные джависты, которые в рамках форума могут поделиться опытом, обсудить тонкости технологий и пообщаться с гуру отрасли
Форум состоится 21 мая 2012 года в 15:00 по адресу  г. Одесса, ул. Дальницкая, 46, 4 эт, комната 501.

Программа мероприятия (под катом): 

15:00 Why doesn’t Java have instant turnaround?
Anton Arhipov, Estonia

In the dynamic languages it’s a given. In .NET the problem is much smaller. But Java EE
applications take from 15s up to 10 minutes to build & redeploy, after every change, no
matter how small. IDE automate the process, but still require the wait. Why is that and how
can it be solved?
In the recent years JRebel rose to prominence as the answer to this issue. Challengers
like Oracle FastSwap are also on the market. And instant turnaround is one of the core
attractions of the Play! framework, Grails and Tapestry 5. In this talk we will review the
technical and conceptual challenges involved in solving this issue and the options available
today, including the tools mentioned.

16:00 Coffee break

16:10 Lightweight Java Enterprise using SpringFramework
Oleksiy Rezchykov, Ukraine

Prior to SpringFramework creation development of Java Enterprise applications was like a
voodoo magic. Modern Spring ecosystem allows a developer in a short time to implement
an application of any complexity. The goal of the presentation is to share my experience
of SpringFramework development of the enterprise applications and to show unknown
Spring functionality.

17:10 Coffee break

17:20 Thrift vs Protocol Buffers vs Avro - Biased Comparison
Igor Anishchenko, Ukraine

Let’s take a step back and compare data serialization formats, of which there are plenty.
What are the key differences between Apache Thrift, Google Protocol Buffers and Apache
Avro. Which is “The Best”? Truth of the matter is, they are all very good and each has its
own strong points. Hence, the answer is as much of a personal choice, as well as understanding
of the historical context for each, and correctly identifying your own, individual

18:20 Pizza/snack break

18:40 The dark sides of integration
Anton Arhipov, Estonia

The what/why/how of runtime binary patching of JAVA applications, frameworks and application
servers to provide custom integration.
JRebel has been around for a while now and we have a long track of integrations with
JBossAS, Seam, Weld, RESTEasy and others. We will follow JRebel integration story in
regards to JBoss projects: what are the tricks that we can use while welding yet another
framework integration for JRebel and what are the problems we encounter when doing
runtime binary patching of different frameworks.
We’ll also take a look on how you can make use of JRebel SDK for creating your own integration
with your favourite framework to leverage JRebel functionality.
- Tools, methods and tips
- Sample use-cases of binary patching different systems
- Pros/cons

19:40 Coffee break

19:50 The Big Data: choosing distributed storage
Ivan Sobolev, Ukraine

Each day brings us more data to store and process. In past RDBMS were used to store
enterprise data, irrespectibly of usage pattern, but no it’s no longer possible.
As hardware evolution is not able to keep up with the data growth pace, other storage
solutions matching the business needs do emerge.
Choosing one can take quite a few hours, coffee cups and chocolate bars, so we want to
share the story of our quest to save you some time the other day.

Учитывая уровень сложности докладов и направленность предстоящего события,
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